Our Technical Services team serves as your single point of contact for service and is dedicated to keeping you up, running and efficient 24/7. HigherGround's commitment to service has produced system reliability that is unmatched within the industry. Our maintenance and service agreement features:

24/7 online and voice support
Access to our certified technicians for troubleshooting and consultation on telephone systems, software systems, and integration issues 24/7. The technical services representative will answer your question and resolve your problem immediately.

I'm Alive(TM) notification service
This unique feature calls HigherGround nightly to say "I'm Alive." If your system doesn't call, we call into your system, contact the designated onsite manager, or send out a technician, and in most cases, we fix the problem before you know there is one.

Alarm monitoring
Your system automatically identifies hard-to-detect, suspicious activity or system outages that threaten uptime and sends alerts to you or HigherGround. It's your choice. Nearly 300 software and hardware alarm items are monitored to detect problems with outages, phone networks, hardware and/or software.

Automatic updating
Receive free software updates, new billing rates for usage vendors, area codes, prefixes, country codes, help screens, reason screens, glossary and much more. Installed and configured remotely by HigherGround -- throughout the duration of your support contract.

Contact a Technical Services representative