Now Available: Speech Analytics from iQventures

iqv_stacked-notag-01HigherGround and iQventures have joined forces to save organizations time and money, with the most reliable speech analytics tool at the most economical pricing.

SpeechIQ from iQventures is an advanced speech analytics and quality assurance platform that integrates seamlessly with HigherGround’s reliable recording. Users can efficiently retrieve call transcripts and scores, or easily search by key words, sentiment, and silence – all within the HigherGround interface.

iQventures provides sophisticated, highly accurate data analytics, and utilizes the most advanced analytics engine in the world – IBM Watson – for sentiment analysis. This is a truly scalable solution, giving organizations an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to drive agent productivity, operational efficiency, and customer engagement.

Why Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics allows organizations to convert the information trapped in every customer interaction into intelligent data that can be searched, measured, and analyzed, providing a better understanding of communications than more time-consuming, manual monitoring processes. Speech analytics helps users to better understand agent behavior and actions by analyzing 100% of interactions, rather than just a small sampling.

Solution Benefits

  • Select or search all calls by specific data fields and key words – saving time and money by enabling rapid analysis and decision-making.
  • Automatically monitor and score all calls, alerting supervisors to urgent situations and allowing them to identify and address issues rapidly.
  • Get an accurate, 360-degree view of interactions with word-for-word transcripts associated with voice recordings, metadata, and call scoring.
  • Analytics data includes sentiment, number of mentions or keywords, silence detection, and automated agent scoring.
  • Cloud-based service that requires no installation and is purchased in block-of-time amounts.

Interested in learning more about using iQventures Speech Analytics with your HigherGround recorder? Let us know - we’d love to tell you more!

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